You Can Help Save America!

You Can Help Save America!

Unless you are living in an echo chamber bubble, you are, by now aware that the entire planet knows that all Tesla drivers are assholes, douche-bags and politically corrupt pricks.

Everyone that sees someone driving a Tesla thinks: “Oh Look, There goes one of those corrupt, elitist assholes who are entirely clue-less about what a prick the world thinks they are!”

Why would those people spend insane amounts of money on a mere car? Because they think they are impressing people when, in reality, they are painting themselves with a spotlight of idiocy.

Elon Musk did not “invent Tesla”, he stole it from Martin (the actual founder) in a stock market hostile takeover.

Elon Musk did not fund Tesla. He bribed Senators to rig Department of Energy funds owned by the taxpayers. He is the single largest government mooch in history. He has stolen vast amounts of money from the State and Federal treasuries in his crony corruption political graft scams.

Musk has not invented anything. He stole it all and used stock market pump-and-dump, fluffer and valuation rigging to manipulate his stock value with a constant smoke-and-mirrors corruption scam.

Have these Tesla drivers never read all of the fraud and abuse lawsuits against Musk by his wives, partners, workers, investors, suppliers and co-founders? Those documents speak volumes, with hard facts, about what a mobster and a crook Musk is!

Are Tesla drivers “saving the environment”? NO! Tesla’s manufacturing creates more pollution, wars and corruption than almost any other modern cars. The lithium ion batteries Musk uses are toxic, self-ignite, create fumes that mutate fetuses and destroy brain and lung tissue, can’t be extinguished and cause worker abuse and toxic worker environments. His batteries destroy the environment in the land-fills they are dumped in and they destroy government because Senators own billions of dollars of stock in them which they were paid as bribes.

Friends don’t let friends drive Tesla’s!

If you see a Tesla, tell the driver: DUMP IT!

Elon Musk is the Bernie Madoff of High Tech. Tesla is the Enron of Silicon Valley.

We are prepared to prove this to you with hard evidence, FBI-class documents, public jury trials and vast video documentation..but, in your heart, you already know all of this to be true.

Friends don’t let friends drive Tesla’s!

More to come…