The reason the new Ghostbusters is so bad is because constructive criticism has become politically incorrect (v/whatever)

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this is my safe space. pls




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The reason it’s so bad is they based it off of tired stereotypes and cartoons. Their is no dry delivery of clever lines and its greenscreen cinema style is lifeless. Also the beams kill the ghosts, which defeats the whole ” busting” idea and makes it Ghost Killers which is what they have done to the franchise with this film.



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Damn, why would they make it so murderous? Is it murder when you kill a ghost?



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how can kill ghost



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Magic space beams apparently.



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Holy water?

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No it’s because Sony gave the keys to the franchise to Paul Feig for whatever reason and this is what you get with a Paul Feig movie: a parody



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What other movies has he made?



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Bridesmaids and Heat off the top of my head



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Pascal did, and she did it because they have no remaining tentpole properties; her job is on the line to get Sony an Avengers level IP.



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I was thinking that it wouldn’t have been so bad if they didn’t cast Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. They’re talentless shits, but they’re part of the recent wave of “comedians” like Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Amy Schumer, Dave Franco, Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling, Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick and Zooey Deschanel who aren’t really funny but keep getting great roles. It’s a clique that’s running things. Unfortunately, it ruined SNL, and now it’s ruining the movies.



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I’m pretty sure Leslie Jones is the worst.



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the reddit thread said she cant act, that she’s just a loud black woman…but i dont know what theyre talking about

edit: i tried to link to youtuvbe but it looks like some of nbc lawyers are on theyre shit

edit 2: wait where does she freeze up? did they edit that out? she freezes and looks off camera for a line in the original….what. the . fuck..@chrisrock

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I don’t mind her too much. I hear a lot of SJW’s complaining that she’s just acting like a stereotype, but I’ve worked in the hood. It’s no stereotype, it’s real. The problem is, real black women are usually pretty nasty and abrasive when you do encounter them. It’s a game of insulting the other person first when you encounter them. That’s why they get into so many fights. True story.

Sad to say, she’s probably the funniest out of all of them. McCarthy is just a caricature now that does the same thing over and over and Wiig is boring as fuck.



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Jesus Christ yeah that’s really annoying when they do stand-up but it’s obvious they’re only there because of a character they played.

Don’t follow the comedy biz but I wonder what real “down in the trenches” comedians think of this phenomena. I would imagine it pisses them off even more.



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I noticed that after Jim Carrey faded away, they started going for younger, yuppie types that weren’t professional comedians to star in comedies.

It’s no secret millennials have no idea what comedy is anymore. It’s probably because most are spoiled as fuck and pretty stupid. They also have some inner thought process they were conditioned to develop that tells them what they are allowed to laugh at and what isn’t.



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…because everyone is special and beautiful and to say otherwise is HATEFULLLLLL!!!!!! You can thank the 90s for that (which is when all this bullshit first became mainstream).

The 90s was all about selling identity as prepackaged lifestyles — targeting every single person in order to extract as much money out of the public as possible. Yes, even all the “indie, grassroots” bullshit was FAKE.. it was marketing to make you buy into it.

and yes.. the rise of Nirvana was… FAKE. (even Kurt himself was a fake.. pretending to be blond, faked being left-handed… was only a feminist b/c he was a beta male… and would have likely grown out of it had he not been scarified sacrificed)



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The psyop entertainment bullshit goes further and deeper than the Seattle grunge scene.. check out this book:

Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream by David McGowan

Did you know Jim Morrison’s dad was the commander of the entire US naval fleet during the Gulf of Tonkin? That’s just the tip of the iceberg this book presents.



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he’s not the only one, Stewart Copeland’s father was a CIA officer who was involved in foreign policy ops in the middle east from 1950 thru the 80’s. freaky.



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The psyop entertainment bullshit goes further and deeper than the Seattle grunge scene..

No doubt… that was just the example I used… everyone knows the HipHop scene was founded by a gay muslim pedophile, and about all the rituals involved in “making it”.

Well, maybe not everyone…



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Who raised that generation? Clearly it’s their fault, too.

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you could take the greatest script in the world but if you only cast fat and old bitches no one is gonna see it



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Have you seen Misery?



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yes. but no one goes to a movie because kathy bates is in it

“OMG the new kathy bates movie is out yall!”

said no one ever

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Yeah, but Annie Wilkes was supposed to be a fat bitch, and batshit crazy. And Cathy Bates owned that role hard. Shit, Id pay for Misery now. Now if we recast and rewrote it so Andy Wilkes was a milquetoast Felix Unger…



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so you are saying that this shit movie has one of the greatest scripts in the world? jesus fucking christ.



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nah im saying that fat hamplanets waddling around appeals to no one so it doesn’t matter if the movie is based on a beloved franchise like ghostbusters. no one wants to watch that shit

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Ooooh Ooooh! You know what would be great? Ghostbusters 1 again! With a social agenda this time, but please take out the comedy, likeable actors, and clever script.

-Said no fan ever.



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Not, hardly.

The criticism is due to the fact that movie goers are disgusted with hollywood’s attempt to cash in on movies that attempt to exploit SJW sensibilities. Also, most of us are sick unto death of the SJW bullshit.



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The reason it is bad is the same reason a lot of movies suck nowadays and that is instead of trying to come up with something fresh and fun they try to figure out ways to again sell you the thing you already liked. Combine that with dumb gimmicks and stunt casting and we get Ghostbusters.



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(pending upvoat)

its lowest common denominator manufacturing. wide audience means greater potential for profit. it’s a real shame they dont look at longevity bc imo movies are art that inspire other artists. if you watch the godfather and it resonates with you as you pursue a career (waiting tables) directing movies/acting you try to emulate the godfather. what the fuck is gunna happen in 10 years when a trans-religious-attack-helicopter tries to make a movie that emulates ghostkillers? it could be funny as a parody. maybe. im tired of parodies.

kind of went on a tangent. it upsets me that they did this to the original actors- they clearly put themselves into the original. but good for these actors… i saw a progressive commerical and allstate commercial w jokes from the movie. i guess you can subsidize your success



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they have this planned out and marketed, they are not listening to any criticism, they want publicity.This is only the reboot in a series of new ghostbuster movies. 3 movies for 250 million, they should be able to make 100m per film, but they have to make the first one in the trilogy very safe, just like starwars.



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It sucks because libtards fail at creating anything other than degeneracy, disease and poverty.



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Am I safe to assume this is /s ?



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I wonder if this movie with top Leonard Part 6?YouTube



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Amy Pascual (dont know if that’s how you spell her name) is the real villain here!



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That’s just one reason.



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Mind blown.