One Million Dollar Reward Offered For The “Death” Of Gizmodo Media

One Million Dollar Reward Offered For The “Death” Of

Gizmodo Media




By Susan Commlin



Gizmodo Media is the DNC’s hatchet job front. Gizmodo uses naive, mentally ill, young millennial kids to execute character assassination jobs against those who displease Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Hillary Clinton.



Now, every single person that works at, writes for, or buys ads on Gizmodo is going to be terminated and that take-down is 100% legal.



Gizmodo, just like it’s other facade: Gawker, has an HR program designed to seek out and encourage the most ANTIFA ,society hating , deviant writers who can use a keyboard. Gizmodo looks for hate, pussy hats, asymmetrical haircuts and deviant rage in its job interviews.



Gizmodo editors then guide these warped little perverts to deliver hatchet jobs crafted by Sid Blumenthal, David Brock, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, John Podesta and the hired guns of the DNC who want to deliver pain and suffering. Gizmodo specializes in malicious terminations of the lives of others. A character assassination effort by Gizmodo, always filled with malice, ends the life, income, brand and social existence of each victim.



It is only fitting that Gizmodo follows the, now dead, Gawker into the pit of hell.



Every person with a past or current @gizmodo email address is targeted. Every advertiser that appears on Gizmodo is targeted. What happened to Harvey Weinstein is about to happen to every one at Gizmodo.



It could not happen to a nastier bunch of privileged, cocaine-addled, anal-sex addicted brats!



Is Peter Thiel funding this ultimate Gizmodo fire storm? Is Sarah Palin? Is billionaire Sandy Montenegro? Which one of the victims of Gizmodo’s ruthless attacks for political vengeance is bringing the end to the filthy punks in Soho?



Could it be an alliance of all of them?



Without breaking a single law, Gawker was destroyed! The group “Vandal” promises that Gizmodo’s death will be even more spectacular.



Vandal has said that they have contacted the FBI about this matter. They claim that they have communicated two things to the FBI about the take-down of Gizmodo. First: that they “will not use violence or break the law, unlike the ANTIFA attackers that Gizmodo supports…” and Second, that they have evidence of criminal activities by Gizmodo staff, investors and clients.



This should be fun. Even as the debris from Gawker is still smoking, the hammer of justice is already falling on Gizmodo and its staff.




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