DNC Extremists Suddenly Discover That Registering With A Federal Database Is A Bad Thing

DNC Extremists Suddenly Discover That Registering With A Federal Database Is A Bad Thing

The amazing thing about Donald Trump is he helps liberals see how things they once thought were good are suddenly bad. Take for instance federal registries. Liberals thought it would be a great idea to force all gun owners to register their weapons in a federal database and saw no potential for abuse of power. Now that Trump has ended DACA, they worry that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who registered are at risk from having their names and address in a federal database. Is president Trump amazing or what?

When he was running the ship (into the ground) Obama decided to legislate from the Oval Office and granted amnesty to nearly a million illegal aliens with his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Because this “law” was created by executive order and bypassed the Congress, who are the ones who make our laws, DACA is completely unconstitutional. President Trump repealed DACA with instructions that Congress should get off their asses and pass meaningful immigration reform.

Under DACA, illegal aliens who were brought to this country by their illegal alien parents were granted temporary relief from deportation. Known as “DREAMers” people who were eligible for this program registered with the federal government and were given, among other things, work permits. Everyone who didn’t give a shit about our immigration laws or the security of American workers (I believe we call them liberals) rejoiced in this illegal action from Obama. Now however, they see a potential downside.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof was one of the first lefties to have that “oh shit” moment:

“Dreamers registered their addresses under DACA, so now the government knows exactly where to go to arrest them and their parents,” wrote Kristof.

Clearly liberals are bummed that people who are breaking the law might actually face justice, but this reaction also exposes some pretty serious hypocrisy. Liberals like Kristof and definitely his employer have for years supported a national gun registry. They wanted every gun owner in the US, except criminals, to register their names, addresses, and firearms with the federal government.

I never heard any liberals complaining that an abusive government could use that national gun registry to track down gun owners and confiscate their weapons. I don’t recall anyone on the left being concerned that a national gun registry could lead to the mass arrests of American gun owners. A gun registry would tell the government exactly where the gun owners live and what types of weapons they have. In the event that democrats were in power, they could use the registry to enact their goal of disarming the country and yet not one liberal uttered a word against it.

Yet now, registries are bad because the government could use them to enforce existing immigration laws. And really, that’s the biggest difference with this. Americans have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, while illegal aliens have no right to be in this country.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter how liberals got there, President Trump has shown them how bad federal registries and databases are. Now if only he could get them to understand how destructive illegal immigration, high taxes, and senseless regulations are as well as the fact that all civil rights are important, they could become normal productive members of society.

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