Why WORDPRESS is a fraud and a political sham!

Why WORDPRESS is a fraud and a political sham!



– WordPress claims to “support free speech” but it is as big a censorship tool as (and partner with) Google’s political propaganda scams



A small website tool was given away to hundreds of thousands of people. That software was called: “Wordpress”. Those people who got the free software built websites that were viewed by billions of people. The WordPress software turned out to be as infected as all of the devices revealed in the leaks that Edward Snowden and Julian Assange exposed about the CIA, FSB and NSA infections of the world’s internet devices.



WordPress now reaches the minds of over ¼ of the internet on Earth!



The infection that was embedded in WordPress was an actively managed effort by WordPress staff, financiers and executives to control the political ideology of the world, mostly in America.



The controllers of WordPress wanted to manipulate news and information, just like Google/YouTube, in order to control which candidates would be placed in office in order to pad their pockets with government payola.



WordPress executives hire armies of naive, emotionally unstable, ANTIFA Millennial kids to run their “Community Guardian” censorship programs. The WordPress.org, WordPress.com and Automattic senior staff that control WordPress use Scientology-like HR programming and socialization bubbles to create a Hitler Youth kind of blind obedience to a “grand design” of Utopian open society, drug culture and “green energy”. The bosses at WordPress care nothing about those crunchy granola things, though. They only care about the cash that they can scrape into their hidden trust funds, real estate REIT’s and offshore Cayman Islands stealth accounts.



The Millennial front kids see none of that big cash. They are tools and puppets in the WordPress bosses schemes.



After you get the free WordPress you are constantly being up-sold by WordPress to pay them money to get “more services”. Once you pay them money, WordPress deletes your entire Website, in many cases destroying years of work and reader acquisitions worth millions of dollars, if you ever publish anything that WordPress bosses are afraid that the public might read.



Let’s clarify that charge: WordPress regularly engages in illegal FRAUD against their customers, by pretending to be a neutral service, charging customers money and then destroying those customers rights, property, assets, customer and reader bases, DNS and SEO value with illegal U.S. Constitution First Amendment rights violations and a complete rape of the Freedom of the Press rights doctrines!



Many groups have now gone to war against WordPress’s abuse of the public.



Hackers have begun attacking every WordPress installation. According to Mark, at Wordfence, a security monitoring service, WordPress is now the most hacked and the most targeted software in the world. The biggest risk a company can now take is to install WordPress. Hackers have created an international system to detect and hack every WordPress installation within 10 minutes of activation, according to experts at DEFCON, the top hacker conference. WordPress is known, by many nations, to be an Obama/Clinton political tool and entire nations have targeted it for elimination. With the hackers running amuck inside WordPress and all of the WordPress modules, anyone would be a fool to use WordPress in the Post 2016 world.



On top of that, WordPress is an entirely corrupt operation that uses its workers, the internet and the public for political ideology manipulation.



On top of that, WordPress defrauds its customers. Everyone censored by WordPress should sue WordPress for fraud and human rights violations. One group has pre-authored law suit filings for any WordPress user to use to sue WordPress for Fraud, Censorship and Human Rights violations.



On top of that: One group placed a number of sites on WordPress servers that had been computer calculated to have no duplicate content on them that ever appeared on any other site on Earth. This was done as a “sting-operation” because WordPress had been continually deleted all sites that the group’s readers had commented on about political corruption involving WordPress financiers. WordPress diligently deleted each of these sites stating that they had “duplicate news stories” on them. In fact, by design, none of them had any duplicate content on them. As each site posted stories about racketeering and political corruption in the Obama Administration, WordPress deleted the entire sites without warning. The documentation of these incidents proves that WordPress is a George Soros/Debbie Wasserman political search engine gaming tool. WordPress systematically destroys search engine access to and Google results access to websites that WordPress bosses feel might expose their scheme.



On top of that: One group had thousands of public interest news blogs destroyed by WordPress within a 15 minute period as soon as the hundreds of thousands of authors on their blogs started posting public forensics details about criminal actions that WordPress insider’s Elon Musk, John Podesta, George Soros and that crowd were engaged in. This wholesale slaughter of Freedom of Speech and Human Rights, by WordPress, should guarantee the bankruptcy of Matt: the boss of WordPress, his financiers and all of the trust fund-hidden backers of WordPress.



On top of that: Google/YouTube and WordPress work together on internet news manipulation, fake news production for the MSM, the hiding of “wrongthink” news and information and the overall manipulation of information on the internet. If it does not fit into the John Podesta vision of the world, WordPress/Google/YouTube make it disappear from the internet. WordPress is NOT the friendly little public information software that it pretends to be. WordPress is an insidious censorship tool created with the most Fascist designs by the most sick and twisted oligarchs of Silicon Valley political corruption.



WordPress is evil and not benign. WordPress is the absolute worst of politics and insidious psychological warfare.



WordPress rigs internet search engines to game the system for Obama and against anyone who exposes Obama and Clinton crimes.




What can you do about the nightmare that WordPress is?:


1. Write your Congressional representatives and demand an investigation of WordPress and its backers.


2. Write the FCC and demand that WordPress be treated and regulated as a “public utility” because WordPress is a corrupt monopoly on free speech.


3. Re-print all of the exposures, investigations and doxing of WordPress staff, owners and financiers.


4. Write the regulatory agencies that investigate political finance and demand investigations of WordPress funding by corporations who then got political favors, oligarchs who got corruption perks, the payments in “services” to political candidates and the cover-ups of tens of millions of dollars of improperly reported campaign financing that was conduited through WordPress.


5. Call the FBI. James Comey and Christopher Wray at the FBI have both received detailed reports on this corruption. Ask the FBI how you can help get these cases brought to charges.


6. Sue WordPress, it’s staff, it’s executives and it’s financiers. Sue them for Fraud, Constitutional Rights Violations and Anti-Trust Law Violations.


7. Pay the costs for someone to sue WordPress.


8. If you are a lawyer, start a Class-Action lawsuit against WordPress. We guarantee there are more than enough members to fill a large Class.


9. Find the instructions for “How To Take-Down WordPress” in public document repositories online and use the 100% legal methods listed there.


10. Post counter-posts on blogs where WordPress is hyping itself as a “good internet citizen” and expose the dirty political scam that WordPress really is!


11. There are hundreds of other ways to help terminate and punish WordPress (for the abuse of the public) that you can find in most Non-Google searches under “how to fight corruption”. Look up all the many ways to shut down corrupt organizations.


12. Write to anybody who has a site that says it is “By WordPress” at the bootom of it and tell them about what a bunch of shit-balls WordPress is and tell them to move to Drupal, Weebly, Wix or any of the other free software that is not as contaminated as WordPress is.


13. Pass the word in your social media that WordPress is simply as evil as Google!


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