Obama, Google, Gawker/Gizmodo and Elon Musk Conspired To Put Hit-Jobs On Americans And Now We Have The Proof

Obama, Google, Gawker/Gizmodo and Elon Musk Conspired To Put Hit-Jobs On Americans And Now We Have The Proof




By ProPublica Alliance




A Conspiracy Theory is no longer a theory when you have the facts in hand.



Nobody can deny the fact that Barack Obama, Google, the Gawker/Gizmodo tabloid facade and Elon Musk are all the primary financiers and beneficiaries of the manipulations of the DNC. All of these parties even admitted this in their own federal financial filings.



Even if you did not look at their own filings, or the massive sets of evidence files we now have in hand, each of these parties own words prove that assertion. You can see them verify this in thousands of TV and newspaper interviews.



New York and California State Judges and Senators mostly work for the DNC. Even if you did not look at their own filings or the massive sets of evidence files we now have in hand, each of these parties own words prove that assertion.



The energy industry is the third-largest industry in the United States (according to “The Energy Industry in the United States”commerce.gov. USA Government. Retrieved 28 June2013.)  This market is expected to have an investment of over $700 billion over the next two decades according to Selectusa. 



The energy sector accounts for 4.6% of outstanding leveraged loans, compared with 3.1% a decade ago, while energy bonds make up 15.7% of the $1.3 trillion junk bond market, up from 4.3% over the same period.[2]



Since energy plays an essential role in industrial societies, the ownership and control of energy resources plays an increasing role in politics. At the national level, governments seek to influence the sharing (distribution) of energy resources among various sections of the society through pricing mechanisms; or even who owns resources within their borders. They may also seek to influence the use of energy by individuals and business in an attempt to tackle environmental issues.



The most recent international political controversy regarding energy resources is in the context of the Iraq wars. Some political analysts maintain that the hidden reason for both 1991 and 2003 wars can be traced to strategic control of international energy resources.[12] Others counter this analysis with the numbers related to its economics. According to the latter group of analysts, U.S. has spent about $336 billion in Iraq[13] as compared with a background current value of $25 billion per year budget for the entire U.S. oil import dependence[14]



The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that by 2050, the world’s population will reach 9.4 billion, and per capita income will double. This will result in a doubling of energy demand, and in an age of growing concerns over climate change, the world is increasingly looking to renewable energy to power the economies of the future.



In addition, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), $2.55 trillion/year will have to be spent on global energy infrastructure and energy efficiency initiatives. This presents a massive potential investment opportunity but also comes with many risks. The Obama Administration sold Silicon Valley venture capitalists on the idea that Obama would give them exclusive access to this “coming green energy gold rushif they financed his political campaigns. Obama’s staff got together with the Silicon Valley VC’s to create a synthetic crisis based on climate data manipulation. While the climate does, indeed, change, the “crisis” that the Obama Team dreamed up was created in a way so that only Obama’s friends could solve it. Wasn’t that an ironic coincidence? Anybody who competed with Obama’s friends who were “solving this problem” had hit-jobs, industrial sabotage and character assassination launched against them by the Obama White House and Obama’s friends.


Why would they do such insane things? Why would they kill Seth Rich or any of the 42 different competitors who were murdered since 2008? For greed and sociopath-like power mongering.



According to the IEA’s 2012 World Energy Outlook report that Obama used to market his scheme: “…between 2012 and 2035, $6.4 trillion ($278 billion/year) will be spent on renewable energy as the share of electricity generated from environmentally-friendly sources nearly triples to 31%. The three largest areas of investment will include wind power ($2.1 trillion), hydroelectric ($1.5 trillion), and solar photovoltaics ($1.3 trillion)…all of that “green energy” was previously acquired by Obama’s friends and financiers based on tips from Obama staffers David Plouffe, David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanual. This arrangement was created by Obama and the DNC in order to kick-back crony government payola. The amounts of money involved in these schemes is beyond the capacity of 99% of the population to even comprehend.The CleanTech Crash was a crony payola scam which paid off politicians in insider trading stock ownerships.



Hillary Clinton’s gal pal: Margaret Sullivan (Who is also Tom Steyer’s right-hand girl) was moved into leadership at the USAID, which pushed a manipulated report that said that Afghanistan was full of lithium ion battery mines for Obama financier Elon Musk. The Afghan mines were supposed to be a campaign trade, to Silicon Valley oligarchs in exchange for internet election rigging and campaign cash. This was just another portion of the CleanTech Crash crony payola scam with even more insider trading stock perk payola.



To cut to the chase: the energy industry is now a SEVEN TRILLION DOLLAR industry and, at least, 5 people per day are killed in wars and industrial “situations” in order to keep those energy dollars in certain people’s hands.



People do kill people over seven trillion dollars of profits. People do plant moles, saboteurs and operate character assassinations if they fear that a new technology or a new candidate might affect that seven trillion dollars.



Google, Gawker, Gizmodo and that media Cartel do run character assassinations, costing tens of millions of dollars, against individuals and start-up companies who, they think, might have innovations that shift the flow of that seven trillion. They are doing the same exact thing, in exactly the same exact ways, to the Trump Administration because Trump is not buying into their crony scams.



Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, John Doerr, Mark Zuckerberg and the Silicon Valley oligarchs paid for, and directed, those attacks. They used psychological warfare and subliminal message program on a scale never before seen in society. The Silicon Valley oligarchs and the DNC manipulators need to now face an epic punishment for their crimes.



Democracy can never be allowed to be their play-thing again!


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