The Felony Corruption of WordPress:

The Felony Corruption of WordPress:


WordPress Looks Like A Rose Garden But Hides A Swamp of Political Extortion and Propaganda Tricks!


By The Press Alliance, The ACLU and Global Users Of The Internet


WordPress Foundation, Toni Schneider, Automattic, Inc., Matt Mullenweg, Polaris Ventures, True Ventures, Radar Partners, CNET are covert financiers of DNC political felony kickback schemes which take taxpayer money and put it in their private bank accounts for personal profit.


Tens of thousands of WordPress authors and publishers have been having their sites deleted, locked off, XML-import frozen, DNS-hidden and search-engine removed by WordPress because they published material that conflicted with Debbie Wasserman Schultz DNC directives. This is censorship of Hitler-eaque proportions. WordPress comes up with various lies to cover-up the take-downs. WordPress claims that any Pro-Trump or Anti-DNC talking point news is “spam” and deletes years of people’s work with journalistic guillotines.


They do this by breaking the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, by violating every precept of The Freedom of The Press, Federal Election Campaign Finance laws and by sexually extorting workers, censoring hundreds of thousands of websites that post unauthorized news that violates the DNC’s 1984-like “Good-Think” Nazi rules for thought control (Al la CNN) and by conspiring with NVCA.ORG and the rape-culture media control of the DNC Silicon Valley venture capitalists.


The WordPress Cartel does this under the cover of darkness, under the guise of “AntiFa” and under the facade of “trust us, we just want to be a charity” when, in fact, they are a political propaganda operation which seeks to steer public opinion to put politicians in office who will direct trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to their venture capitalists pockets. The ultimate, hidden, financiers of WordPress use the WordPress manipulations to buy hookers and private jets, bribe politicians and purchase mansions in Palo Alto, California.


WordPress pitches a crunchy-granola hippie vision of “revolutionary journalism” and joyful “freedom of expression” but with only a slight peek behind the curtain, one finds that the WordPress facade hides a twisted political hatred called “Loxism” held by the covert financiers of WordPress and a leftist extremism that promotes violence against all who have a conflicting opinion. The violence you see in the streets today is promoted and financed by those deep behind that curtain, hidden from public view.


WordPress abuses naive, young, impressionable millennial kids as free or cheap labor to do their dirty work as WordPress staff or “volunteers”. WordPress uses “WORDCAMPS” as the equivalent of “Hitler Youth” indoctrination centers to hand-select those who will mouth the Obama/Clinton propaganda mantras. WordPress financiers have sexually extorted these kids for jobs and cash. You can see the horrors of the Silicon Valley “Rape Factories” of WordPress bosses in such news investigations as:


WordPress is now going to be sued, doxxed, exposed, investigation, defunded and terminated from existence because they are a lie


In June of 2016 Jared and Elizabeth Beck filed a lawsuit in Florida against the DNC, (Wilding v.s. DNC Services Corporation) known mostly online as the #DNCFRAUDLAWSUIT. The case has slowly wound its way through the courts but has picked up steam in 2017 as court transcripts and allegations of intimidation have become public.


The plaintiffs have filed a class action suit on behalf of three classes of people, arguing that the DNC must return all donations given in the 2016 cycle to Bernie Sanders Donors, DNC Donors and Democrats in general. Why? They claim the DNC defrauded donors in the 2016 primary by failing to remain neutral during the contest.


WordPress got donations by pretending to be neutral when it is, in fact, a DNC front operation. WordPress lied to the IRS about the purpose of its organization for its “charity donations”. That is a felony violation of a number of laws.


Article 5 section 4 of the DNC bylaws states:




Chairperson, the designated Vice Chair as provided for in Article Two, Section 12(b) of the Bylaws, or the next highest ranking officer of the National Committee present at the meeting shall preside. Section 4. The National Chairperson shall serve full time and shall receive such compensation asmay be determined by agreement between the Chairperson and the Democratic National Committee. In the conduct and management of the affairs and procedures of the Democratic National Committee, particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the Presidential nomination process, the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process. 


Beck and Beck cite the hacked emails from Wikileaks as evidence of Democratic Party leaders tampering with the primary process. Few people are surprised that the Democratic party leadership favored Hillary Clinton in 2016. New DNC Chair Tom Perez admitted as much in a Freudian slip during a speech earlier this year. Some of that was to be expected, Hillary Clinton was a Democrat in good standing, Bernie Sanders was not a Democrat, and was essentially the “ally” who shows up three weeks before a protest march expecting a leadership position because he brought his Dad’s pick-up truck.


However the core of Beck & Beck’s argument about fairness is bolstered by DNC lawyer Bruce Spiva basically giving the “Shoulder shrug + Come at me Bruh” defense to the allegations of an unfair primary. During an April 25th hearing he stated:


THE COURT: So, are you suggesting that this is just part of the business, so to speak, that it’s not unusual for, let’s say, the DNC, the RNC to take sides with respect to any particular candidate and to support that candidate over another? 


MR. SPIVA: Well, I’m not suggesting that that is par for the course, your Honor. But what I am suggesting is to have those kinds of allegations is the rough and tumble of politics.


In an ideal world a political party arguing “them’s the breaks” about electoral integrity would be worthy of pearl clutching but we don’t’ live in an ideal world. I don’t think anyone can argue that the DNC treated Sanders fairly, the real question of the suit whether that bias actually affected the primary outcome and if so, is paying people back donations a suitable punishment?


The DNC certainly didn’t want Sanders to win.


The DNC lawsuit wants this to be Bernie Madoff. It is, in fact, bigger and far worse. So is the WordPress case.


WordPress is like this. Imagine giving thousands of dollars to a charity that was supposed to help kids with cancer and instead you found out Eric Trump spent a lot of the money on a golden hot comb for his pet beagles. Would people still give money? Some would. Imagine you gave thousands of dollars to your local Chapter of Black Lives Matter and instead of spending the money on getting activists out to jail you saw them on Instagram profiling at the BET awards? You might want your money back.


Jared Beck has suggested that former DNC staffer Seth Rich, a member of his legal team Shawn Lucas, and even black Federal Prosecutor Berenton Whistenant were all killed as part of some vast cover-up orchestrated by the DNC. Do WordPress venture capitalists have opponents killed? They date rape with Ativan, sexually extort interns, cheat on taxes and bribe politicians. Why not a few murders for the boys club frat house insiders of WordPress?


I’m sure some BenieBros would like to believe Donna Brazille is hiding on rooftops with a long scope and a pink “I’m with her” logoed ski mask doing George Soros’ bidding. Some of the WordPress insiders are that insane about their politics.


Judge William J. Zloch final ruling will neither absolve nor save the Democratic Party. They must do a better job going forward to convince the party’s newer base that the process is fair and impartial, even the suggestion of impropriety has to be squelched by Tom Perez and the new leadership if they have any chance of mounting a successful challenge to Donald Trump in 2020. This incredibly flawed lawsuit won’t scare the DNC straight, but it might make the ‘rough and tumble’ of democratic primaries more transparent.


The lawsuits against WordPress are far easier to win, have vast and detailed hard evidence and include whistle-blowers from deep inside the WordPress nest of wasps. Leaked emails also play a large part in the WordPress lawsuits and investigations.


All of the independent writers, researchers, news outlets, journalists and members of the public are now joining together, in increasing numbers, to terminate the WordPress sham. Here is how they are doing it:




What is being done:








How is it being done:




All trust funds, all stock market assets, all family ownership transfers, all sex worker bitcoin and paypal payments, all WordPress whistle-blower tips, all Federal Election Committee campaign finance reporting violations including those wherein services were unreported campaign contributions (FELONY!), each party, below is being sued and exposed, a Palantir/XkeyScore type database diagram of connections is being produced,




Who is it being done to:




WordPress “Community Guardians” exposed by data records and leaked emails


Toni Schneider




Matt Mullenweg


Polaris Ventures


True Ventures


Radar Partners




WordPress Foundation


All parties disclosed in SEC Reg D and related filings
Plinky VIP
After the Deadline


and additional parties to be announced






What finances are being investigated, terminated and reported to the FBI, The FEC, The IRS, The U.S. Congress and the Public:






$2,285,563 — Sponsorship donations to WordCamps (79% total revenue)


$587,873 — WordCamp ticket sales (20% total revenue)


$4,894 — Donations unrelated to WordCamps (>1% total revenue)


$145 — Royalty income (>1% total revenue).


$2,046,400 (91%) related to WordCamps that used the WordPress Foundation as their financial entity


$119,042 (5%) related to content production


$63,533 (3%) related to operational expenses


$27,554 (1%) spent supporting local WordPress meetup groups (of which $17,190 was for dues)


Deep probe examination of suppliers, sources and routes of the following WORDPRESS cash transfers and each and every party, account and contract related thereto:




Legal and accounting fees: $7,260


Banking fees (which allow us to execute international wire transfers): $7,286


Insurance: $10,445


WordPress engaged in financial fraud, campaign finance fraud and political manipulation by organizing payola conduits to political candidates. The following statement in WordPress own filed records, leads to a felony investigation which will reveal some very interesting financial data:“…The WordPress Foundation helped some 2015 WordCamps that didn’t use the Foundation as their financial entity by forwarding corporate sponsorship payments from companies unable to send them money directly…”







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