Meet Brian Stretch, Deep State Operative Sabotaging Jeff Sessions’ Department Of Justice

Meet Brian Stretch, Deep State Operative Sabotaging Jeff Sessions’ Department Of Justice



For some reason Jeff Sessions has either overlooked, been coerced, or surrendered to the Deep State in California.  Despite a target rich environment for political corruption and overt assistance to illegal aliens, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has surrendered or been co-opted by the Deep State in California, specifically the U.S. Attorney’s Office For The Eastern District of California and now the U.S. Attorney’s Office For the Northern District Of California (USAONDCA).  This writer exposed Phillip Talbert, the illegal occupant of the United States Attorney’s position in the Eastern District of California and his failure to ensure the laws of the United States are faithfully executed.  Politics is much more important than the law to Phillip Talbert, as is radical Islam, than prosecuting corrupt California State officials who aid and abet illegal immigration.

Another Deep State operative at the Department of Justice, a United States Attorney who Jeff Sessions failed to fire a few months ago when most other Obama holdovers were fired, Brian Stretch, is working diligently to undermine the priorities of President Trump and Attorney General Sessions.


Brian Stretch, Deep State Operative, Center, Along With His Sponsor Crook Loretta Lynch

Stretch has recently been politicking with Federal and local law enforcement, giving the glad hand and bromides about the new old USAONDCA.  Basically he says nothing has changed in his office’s priorities for criminal prosecutions.  And the USAONDCA again wins its award for the least productive and laziest U.S. Attorney’s Office in the nation.  As background, the USAONDCA works bankers’ hours, and consequently has little to show for their work.  And none of that work includes serious immigration crime prosecutions.  In fact, the USAONDCA has a reputation for only doing the easiest cases, which means only two crimes interest the lazy Assistant U.S. Attorneys (AUSA) who “work” there.  And, as announced again by Stretch, they only want drugs and gun cases.  While those are important for the issue of rising violent crime in the United States, both crimes are dual jurisdiction cases, which means the crimes of drug possession and illegal gun possession by felons are prosecutable by both the State and the Federal governments.  And more importantly, those cases are the easiest cases to prosecute.  So Stretch is fighting with local District Attorney’s Offices (DA) over the easiest cases to prosecute.

What stretch is avoiding, and he bragged about it, are cases that are uniquely Federal, or important to the Federal government, but unprosecuted by local DAs, which is State and local political corruption. But importantly for AG Sessions and President Trump, the immigration area is the most important. Jeff Sessions recently announced at the southern border that illegal aliens will be prosecuted and deported if they cross the border.  But Brian Stretch disagrees, and that is not happening in the USAONDCA, and proudly so.  Because Brian Stretch is supportive of the Democrat Party strategy of importing new voters to elect a new people, and trying not to prosecute corrupt local politicos who steal money, like Janet “Reno” Napolitano, much less assist illegal aliens to remain in California and commit treason and sedition.

Jeff Sessions must act.  Remove Brian Stretch.  Replace this Deep State bureaucrat with a patriotic Republican law and order lawyer in the mold of Edwin Meese III, one time District Attorney in Alameda County.  Mister Attorney General, you need your own loyal people in the positions of United States Attorney in areas like California, just as you need loyal law enforcement professionals in the positions of United States Marshal in the Northern District of California and the Eastern District of California.  Act now or the Deep State will undermine you and President Trump at every opportunity.



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