David Plouffe and the Magic Fairies

David Plouffe and the Magic Fairies




By Martha Kunting




David Plouffe is the guy who got Obama his cash, bribed politicians at Uber (He was charged with bribing Rahm Emannual in Chicago) and now works with Mark Zuckerberg bribing even more politicians and helping to rig the internet.



David Plouffe and his buddies have a standard brand.



They always present their pitch as if they wanted you to help them make pixie dust and fuzzy socks for disabled Magic Fairies in the Golden Forest of Dreams!



Who wouldn’t want to help with that!?



Imagine! By even touching David Plouffe and his friends you can help save the Fairies!



Plouffe looks like a fresh-scrubbed frat house boy with an easy smile. Some want us to recall that many sociopaths looked just like David Plouffe. They use their looks to disarm you just before they cut your throat.



He uses a political tactic best described as the “Fluffy Pillow Filled With Sharp Nails” approach.



He couches political crony-ism cash grabs in a soft facade of warm, fuzzy, crunchy-granola, singing bird, sunshine-talk in order to lure the voters and stupider politicians into a dulled somnambulism.



Look!”, he says “… it’s just a fuzzy puppy. We all love fuzzy puppies. Move along, nothing to see here..”



The “fuzzy puppy” is actually a Halloween puppy costume draped over a three-headed cancer-ridden monster. The “fluffy pillow” is filled with broken glass and poisoned nails that will cut you to shreds. Plouffe uses FACADES to hide his dirty, criminally corrupt schemes. Obama, Travis the rape-happy CEO of Uber and Mark Zuckerberg have hired him to work his filthy magic for their filthy corporations.



Plouffe delivers cash and power through the dirtiest anal crevasses of the political system.



It was David Plouffe who helped Obama turn the U.S. Department of Energy into a private slush-fund to pay back Obama’s campaign financiers. Plouffe is credited with coming up with the scam: “…We can say it’s green and the voters will never ask questions as we suck the Treasury dry…”



The entire “Green”, “Cleantech” “Climate Tech” Solyndra and Cleantech Crash ruckus was scam dreamed up by Plouffe and his cohorts to funnel cash to Silicon Valley Billionaires. Plouffe needs to be in Federal Prison and not lounging around at Facebook in his Birkenstocks.




Plouffe Fined $90,000 For Illegal Lobbying | The Daily Caller


The Chicago Board of Ethics found David Plouffe guilty of not following ethics rules when … Young Reporter Arrested After … The Daily Caller …




Uber’s Former Chief Adviser Fined for Illegally Lobbying …


In 2015 David Plouffe, then the chief policy adviser for Uber Technologies Inc., was worried after the ride-hailing company was blocked from picking up …



CHARGES FILED Against Member of Obama’s Inner Circle – IT’S …

David Plouffe was fined $90,000 on Thursday … Indiana Teacher Faces Multiple Charges Including Sex With Her Student. News; CHARGES FILED Against Member of Obama’s …





David Plouffe on Organizing for America – Obama Campaign …

Campaign manager David Plouffe got the first black president elected. Now he’s moving on to something even more difficult, and potentially more important.

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