The Uber Sex Abuse and Illicit Activity Internal Investigation Report

The Uber Sex Abuse and Illicit Activity Internal

Investigation Report




By Susan Reed





Travis, the asshole boss of Uber, has been sent to the corner. His asshole cohort: David Plouffe was sent packing earlier. A fine document has been released by Uber listing a litany of social repair suggestions for Uber.



Alas, the document will accomplish nothing! The document is a sham designed to look like something will be done, when, in fact nothing will be done at all.



The official Uber “investigation document” is simply a boiler-plate re-write of a thousand other Silicon Valley internal reviews that all conclude the same exact thing: “Silicon Valley companies are operated by assholes!”



The Uber Internal Investigation Document is simply a load of BS designed to try and calm the rapidly departing shareholders.



The Uber Internal Investigation Document is just a pandering set of horse-shit that leaves out one clear, overwhelming fact.



The pure and essential fact that the document covers up is that Uber’s whole Board of Directors and it’s venture capitalists are the the core reason that Uber is a shit company. There is no possible way to ever save Uber. It is screwed from the essence of it’s soul.



The term “asshole” was created by, for and because of the venture capitalists that fund Uber.



Their frat house, elitist, take-what-you-want, tone-deaf, arrogance is physically and socially manifested in all of the hells that Uber has become.



As the venture capitalists read this take-down of Uber, their reactions are likely to be, not remorse, but, more snooty arrogance and huffing around about the regular people not respecting their richness.



It was their own brother: Tom Perkins, who said that all of the regular people who down-talked the VC’s were “Nazi’s”. Uber forgets that it pretended to be a company for “regular people” yet it raped and abused those regular people and it’s workers. Uber spies on and sells the travel habits and street addresses of those regular people. Uber pushes DNC voter manipulation at those regular people and Uber funds political campaigns under the guise of “services”.



If you thought Google was a social nightmare disguised as a company then know that Uber is worse.



The showcase token woman: Huffington, that was brought in as window dressing, has already been demeaned by Uber’s own staff who said, on social media, that she “was not attractive enough to rape so why is she here?…” That is the mindset of Uber! With 30, or so firings, Uber tries to say that they are now clean even though the cancer has penetrated every cell of Uber.



Uber can NEVER be recovered because the core misogyny, rape-culture, abuse, racism, frat boy, drunken malfeasance that created Uber sits in every office on Sand Hill Road’s VC Row in Palo Alto.



Drive from about 2000 Sand Hill Road and head down the hill towards Standford University. From Freeway 280, and the VC’s whore infused bungalows at the Rosewood Hotel, all the way down to Stanford Shopping Center. On one side of the road is the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC) technical building. On the other side of the road are the big Jews and Stanford fraternity house brothers who collude, black-list and whore their way from Uber to Uber.



Travis has a face that the asshole VC’s of Sand Hill Road love. All of the failed tech CEO’s of the Valley have the same YOUTUBE-ready facial structure. If you paste neck-up portrait photos of the last 50 failed Unicorn CEO’s of Silicon Valley right above 50 neck-up portrait photos of the last 50 people that walked into your local Safeway, you will see a shocking disparity.



The Sand Hill Road VC’s chose to give money almost exclusively to those with cartoon-ishly central-casting type ultra symmetrical faces with extremely theatrical features. Everybody looks like they just walked out of a Banana Republic fashion catalog. The superficiality of Sand Hill Road is the superficial abuse/rape culture that became Uber.



These VC’s spend more time at self-aggrandizing TED and SXSW conferences, talking about fluff, then they do running their companies. You see them constantly seated in little white living room sets in front of huge rear projection backdrops on web videos where they talk about themselves. You don’t see the heads of GM, or Kraft or Kellogs peacocking on-and-on in these weird self-promotion hosted fake interview videos all day. You do, though, see Travis and Zuckerberg on fake interview format videos from morning to night. Who came up with this ludicrous concept of CEO brag-vision TV?



Sand Hill Road can’t see what the entire world can see. Even the TV show: “HBO’s Silicon Valley” calls them assholes to their face and they still don’t get it.



Google issues the same document every year. They say that they just forgot to hire blacks and women and they “will do better”. Google has been saying this for over a decade and Google never improves any of it’s rape-culture frat boy high life. Google’s duplicate “Internal Investigation Document” is the same set of lies and smoke-screening.



The public needs to keep the boycott of Uber going. Everyone needs to order their stock brokers to remove any investments in Uber. Nobody should ever use Uber unless they want the head lice, rape potential, spying on their private data and voter manipulation they can count on from a ride in an Uber. Uber drivers need to file a class-action lawsuit against Uber for exploitation. San Francisco, and every city in which an Uber operates needs to charge Uber twice as much for using San Francisco’s infrastructure to make profits at the expense of the taxpayers of that City.



That will not solve the main problem, though.



The most critical need is to bankrupt the asshole venture capitalists on Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto.



Every pension fund, every union group and every institutional master fund must be contacted and told to NOT invest with any Sandhill Road VC! These rape-boys are using your grandmother’s pension fund money to create Uber hellscapes, Google privacy abuse operations and other socially destructive crap.



Can you think of anything that the Silicon Valley VC’s have funded that society actually needed? They fund socially valueless crap that helps no-one. They pick cliché faced insiders from rich families with worthless Theranos-like hype to pitch to these poor pension funds. Silicon Valley has produced nothing of value in the last 15 years!



All of their great investments blew up. Ellen Pao exposed them as rape-factories and a lawyer named Lawless is taking each and every one of them down for it.



If you are a Sand Hill Road venture capitalist reading this then you must do the world the favor of shutting your company down before the world brings the Streisand effect to your front door and does it for you. Are you being “targeted”? You bet! You are the heart of the scum that Uber manifests on public display. You don’t deserve to exist as a business anymore. The heads of Sony Pictures, Starbucks and Uber were exposed, documented as assholes and terminated. Every single one of you from 2000 Sand Hill Road, on down the hill, are now under the glaring light of the world.



Tim Draper, Jon Doerr, Eric Schmidt, Steve Spinner, Steve Westly, Vinod Khosla… yeah, YOU GUYS!



We all know your dirty secrets and the dirtiest, biggest one of those secrets is that YOU are the scum that makes companies like Uber as dirty as it is! You need to be gone now!



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