That Hearing Was Billions Of Dollars Of Free TV Advertising for 2020 White House Runs

PRESIDENT COMEY” – John McCain Exposes Comey and

Harris 2020 Presidential Run




By Andrew Oscar




In the widely televised Comey investigation hearing there was a phrase that was broadcast to 7 billion people. John McCain uttered the words: “PRESIDENT COMEY”!



Was it a gaffe or a public hint of things to come?



During that hearing, the DNC’s current favorites to take on Trump in 2020 got over one billion dollars of free TV advertising. Silicon Valley DNC meetings have picked Kamala Harris and James Comey as “best bets” to take the White House away from Trump.



Now the Republicans have to “Schumer” them into oblivion with memes, blogs and documentaries.



Kamala Harris has already been tagged as “Obama Part Two” and that will wear on her, along with corruption charges from when she was California Attorney General and her issues with her sexual kinks. Harris is a brutal lime-light stealer and political bully just like her mentor: Dianne Feinstein.



Comey came off better than expected in the hearings and his only baggage still seems to be that he is a DNC shill, which the DNC loves. Comey has less stink than Harris.



In the new age of rapid media, both can be taken down by effective GOP exposure of their faults. The Russians hate both of them, so count on further Russian shenanigans as well.





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