Snopes? Facebook? Breibart? Huffpo? Drudge? Your Mind May Be Getting Raped By a Crazy Billionaire

By Shelley Floure’




You just read a thing on a “web news site”!



It got you so upset!!!!!!



Those filthy Liberals or those Filthy Conservatives or those Filthy Immigrants or some-group-of-people-you-don’t-like said a thing that makes you rationalize, more deeply, your hatred of “them”!



But who actually caused that thing to get posted where you saw it?



The answer: Some crazy billionaire paid to post that!



Why would they do that?



Because they put money in their bank account equal to the hate and fear they can manufacture. Season 5 of the House of Cards TV show goes into detail about this. Worse yet, the money they put in their bank account came from your own wallet!



Huh!? How does that work?”



Let me explain.



The U.S. Government spends TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of your dollars every year.



All of that money comes from your taxes and the money they take out of your pay check.



By “spending money” the government hands those TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of dollars to certain people, and their companies, each year.



You probably can’t even conceive of how much money a trillion dollars is. Think of it this way: with only ONE TRILLION dollars to work with, you could blow up the Moon or paint the entire Moon pink. Literally! ONE TRILLION DOLLARS is only a tiny percentage of how much the government hands out each year.



George Soros, Eric Schmidt, Warren Buffet, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheldon Adelson, or the other political billionaires, would kill your whole family to get their hands on those TRILLIONS.



While some of them do have people killed, actual murders are easier to catch these days. It is far less risky to kill ideas and causes. Either way, the TRILLIONS flow into their pockets because they are killing things.



Are you lost yet?



These handful of billionaires have tens of thousands of trolls and internet shills who create hate on the internet.



In Washington, DC, each thing that someone might hate has a Congressional Bill and a budget solution attached to it.



In order to solve the problem that a hated thing causes, the billionaires have their lobbyists, fabricate fake problems. Guess what!? The billionaires that create the fabricated problem JUST HAPPEN TO OWN THE ONLY SOLUTION that the government can contract!



That’s right! These billionaires create all these manufactured “issues” in order to put your tax money in their private bank accounts. They are tricking you into hate and fear so they can profit off of fabricated hate and fear!



Climate Change” could only be solved by the companies that Barack Obama’s financiers owned. Interesting coincidence, huh?



The hundred year old problem of accessible health-care could suddenly only be solved by the Obamacare database companies that ONLY Barack Obama’s financiers owned.



Suddenly ISIS appeared and only by letting Obama’s CIA take over Google could “the bad guys be caught”…except, not a single one was caught by the Silicon Valley surveillance net. A trillion dollars of “Big Data” contracts were sold by Amazon, Google and Facebook but they, not only, resulted in no interdictions but they CAUSED many attacks by missing the entire boat on some of the biggest, bloodiest, public attacks ever!



So, when you see reasons on the web to hate immigrants, Liberals or Conservatives. When you think you are supposed to put on a black face handkerchief and go riot with ANTIFA because “everybody else is”, think again.



Almost NOBODY is actually concerned about most of these issues aside from getting their work done and getting home to their families.



All of these “problems” are manufactured by the owners of Facebook and Google in order to try to get those TRILLIONS of dollars steered into their private bank accounts.



When you see an “issue” on the web.. Write George Soros and tell him to go F*ck himself and stop messing with your tax dollars and your mind!


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