Vinod Khosla: The Guy From India Who Took America’s Job’s, America’s Privacy and America’s Public Beaches.

Vinod Khosla: The Guy From India Who Took America’s

Job’s, America’s Privacy and America’s Public Beaches.




By Wendy Ovarice – San Mateo Times LTTE




Khosla is engaged in a legal dispute surrounding public access to Martin’s Beach, several miles south of Half Moon Bay, California, where he owns adjacent land.[14][15][16] His attempts to close the beach by erecting a gate with armed guards at the road entrance and painting over the welcome sign that existed prior to his ownership of the property has been the subject of legal challenges, popular resentment, and extensive press coverage.[17] Khosla won an early judgment in the California courts that determined he has a right to control the beach via the Mexican land rights guaranteed by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.[18] However, his ability to restrict access was also challenged in a suit brought by the Surfrider Foundation.[19][20] Khosla ultimately lost that suit, and San Mateo Superior Court ordered that he could not restrict public access to the beach without first obtaining a permit from the California Coastal Commission.[21] In October 2014 Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation to re-open the beach to the public.[22]


Martin’s Beach was previously a popular family beach and surf spot before Khosla purchased the property adjacent to the beach and blocked access. The previous owners of the land had allowed the public to park at the beach for a fee, but remained free to walk down. Khosla won a victory in May 2014, when Judge Gerald Buchwald issued a ruling which concluded that Martin’s Beach LLC 1 and 2, the formal owners of Martin’s Beach, can block public access to the beach, due to an exemption granted by the treaty which ended the Mexican-American war. The judge concluded that Khosla’s property is not subject to aspects of the California Constitution because it was originally a rancho that predated the State.[23] The Surfrider Foundation filed a second lawsuit against Khosla for violations of the California Coastal Act.[24] Khosla lost the second suit and Judge Barbara Mallach issued her final order for Khosla to open the gate.[25] Former Congressman Pete McCloskey said about the land closure, To put a rope across the road and say, ‘The hell with you’ — I’d call it the arrogance of great wealth.[26]


Khosla told the state that he would sell a small slice of his property in order to enable members of the public to gain access to the beach again. The offer was for $30M, almost as much as Khosla spent on the property ($32M).[27]


Khosla is credited with helping to create the import wave that sent cheap East Indian labor to the US, to take away American jobs, as a “payback plan” to screw over a Republican politician Khosla hates.



Khosla is credited with selling America’s privacy away to corporations when he helped run Kleiner Perkins.



Al Gore stays at the house at the road-side edge of Martin’s beach and Khosla receives much of his “protection” from his friends Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who he finances.



Khosla’s plan is known as a “spite program”. Khosla is spending billions of dollars just to say “Screw you” to the world. Khosla was inspired by his partner Tom Perkins, who owned part of Belvedere Island in San Francisco Bay. Perkins had helped an owner leave an empty lot piled with waste and volcanic stones on the waters-edge of the best view on the Island. It was done just to spite the Belvedere planning department and prevent them from ever collecting decent taxes.



Khosla seems to be the grumpiest old Indian in the world.




“Real son of bitch” and “assholeVinod Khosla | Wikipedia … I didn’t call him these things, Gawker did. And what does Khosla have to do with Wikipedia?


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BILLIONAIRE SAYS “PAY ME” MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IF PUBLIC WANTS TO SEE THEIR OCEAN. Associated Press … I also googled “Vinod Khosla asshole” and got this page.…


How successful is Vinod Khosla as an investor? – Quora

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How deep is my asshole? Update Cancel. No Answers Yet. … Vinod Khosla (founder of Khosla Ventures) talked with Page & Brin and brought the bid down to $750,000.



Billionaire Beach “Owner” STILL Refusing Public Access


Billionaire Beach “Owner” STILL Refusing Public Access. … Now before we berate billionaire Vinod Khosla, … he is being nothing more than a self-righteous asshole.…


Silicon Valley Billionaire Wants $30 Million For His Beach …

Vinod Khosla has stubbornly refused all demands and offers from the state for six years, believing, firmly it, that he should have the right to his own private beach.…


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Vinod Khosla’s Doomsday Bay at Martin’s Beach in Half Moon Bay, California has escape submarine plan VOAT.CO users build interactive map of all of the ……






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