CNN Orders Us To Stop Talking About Demo-Pede Anthony Weiner

CNN Orders Us To Stop Talking About Anthony Weiner

The primary function of the liberal media is to control the flow of information so that it supports a liberal point of view. They do this by creating false narratives, misrepresenting actual news, and ignoring stories that disprove their false narratives. Unfortunately for traditional print and TV media there’s the Internet and people are able to get their news from other more reliable sources. As a last ditch-effort to maintain control, CNN is now ordering people what they are and aren’t allowed to talk about.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza tried out this new form of news manipulation by informing us all that we are no longer allowed to talk about convicted sex offender Anthony Weiner. Why? Because he is a democrat with disturbing and illegal connections to Hillary Clinton. Why else?

Here’s the headline that looks like it was written by a stupid 13-year-old girl from the 1980’s:

Can we now stop talking about Anthony Weiner? Like, forever?

After laying out Weiner’s crimes, Cillizza makes this command:

Now, can we please agree to just stop talking about Weiner?

Followed by an incoherent rationale for banishing Weiner from the public consciousness:

The legal proceedings are now closed. Weiner is totally irrelevant politically. His wife, who remains a major player in Hillary Clinton’s orbit, has filed for divorce, according to CNN’s Dan Merica. There’s literally no reason to write or talk about Anthony Weiner anymore.

So, let’s not. He’s an example of a bad apple that makes politicians — and, to be honest, people — look bad. There’ are plenty of other intriguing people, places and things happening in politics. Let’s cover them instead.

Well no, Weiner doesn’t make politicians and people look bad, he makes liberals look bad and that’s at the heart of this. If Anthony Weiner were a Republican, CNN and Cillizza wouldn’t be telling people to stop talking about him. In fact they’s wouldn’t have a chance because of the wall-to-wall coverage they would engage in. They are telling us to stop talking about Weiner because he is a democrat, pure and simple.

Keep in mind this is the same network that never met a Trump story too baseless or ridiculous to run. They spent time wondering if the President is afraid of stairs and dropped a “bombshell” on the administration proving Russian dressing isn’t from Russia. Hell, last night CNN was speculating about Donald Trump taking a shit on his desk. That’s news, but Anthony Weiner isn’t?

Weiner derailed his political career twice and destroyed his marriage because he’s a pervert. He was convicted of sending pictures of his dick to an underage girl. He is married (for now) to Hillary Clinton’s top aide and had some of her classified e-mails on his laptop. Face it, that’s an interesting and newsworthy story.

In the age of Trump the news faces a serious credibility issue that is completely self-inflicted. People don’t trust the mainstream media because they constantly bombard us with bullshit. CNN’s new ploy to dictate what we are and aren’t allowed to talk about is not going to restore the public trust in the news, it’s just going to accelerate the liberal media’s irrelevancy.

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