How to Destroy a President

How to Destroy a President


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A special prosecutor should be ordered to investigate the president. Not President Trump, mind you, but former President Obama. The Obama administration created an effective framework to undermine an incoming administration. First, the investigation into Russia’s hacking was diverted by Obama’s political appointee John Brennan, to include a look at Trump’s campaign. He launched a six agency investigation into Trump’s campaign and the White House itself closely monitored Trump officials’ activities and the investigation’s progress. They used national intelligence to amass circumstantial evidence that supported a politically advantagous narrative and then used this information to spread rumor and innuendo to the press. Doing so, they effectively put the current administration under a cloud of suspicion. Instigated by a fake document, the investigation was never going to find anything, but the narrative had gained traction and Democrat partisans were in its thrall. However, with no facts to support the claim and a continued dearth of any evidence, the line of attack had to evolve.

Thus the probe has thus expanded from the bogus story of Russian collusion to encompass all aspects of those accused. The Senate is requesting information about Trump’s finances under the pretense that it will show evidence of collusion with Russia. The investigation of Flynn began with claims that he was a Russian agent, but since that was untenable, they’ve gone after him for improperly reporting payments from foreign companies. If the Democrats can push a few Never-Trump Senators to appoint a special prosecutor, expect it to follow a similar path. There will be no evidence of collusion found. It will end up not as an investigation of collusion, but as a broad investigation into any possible illegal activity committed by anyone in the campaign. It is time to separate the serious problem of Russia hacking political parties with the partisan lie of collusion. The continued efforts by Democrats to politicize the investigation have furthered Russia’s aims and plays politics with national security. If the Democrats want to investigate collusion or connections, it should begin with the roots of the investigation itself and all surveillance efforts, even indirect methods. If this route is taken, there’d be a chorus of calls for a special prosecutor to investigate the president, just not the one in office.


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