Joint Energy Subcommittee and Oversight Subcommittee Hearing- Risky Business: The DOE Loan Guarantee Program

Statement For The Record


Feb. 15, 2017


Joint Energy Subcommittee and Oversight Subcommittee Hearing- Risky Business: The DOE Loan Guarantee Program


Wednesday, February 15, 2017 – 10:00am


Location:  2318 Rayburn House Office Building


Subcommittee on Energy (115th Congress)
Subcommittee on Oversight (115th Congress)


Dear Senator Weber:



It is prudent for this hearing to investigate the misuse of the Department of Energy to punish and disadvantage American Small Business in order to pay-off crony Obama Administration campaign financiers John Doerr, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Steve Westly, Vinod Khosla and their peers in “The Silicon Valley Cartel”.



As one example of the crony corruption that DOE officials have systematized let us relay one of hundreds of case histories of reprisals and crony corruption. We encourage you to speak to the many hundreds of other American companies who underwent the same abuse.



Case History Example:



Since 1999 Plaintiffs have been working as a contractor and partner with energy department weapons and energy labs.



In 2005, in the Iraq War Bill, Congress awarded Plaintiffs a multi-million dollar commendation and Energy Department Grant to build America’s energy back-up plan.



The technology was called solid state fuel cells and it efficiently made energy from water. Plaintiffs built working products. It worked better than any competitive product. It worked in the lab. It worked in demonstrations. It was ready to meet a huge backlog of volume orders. Plaintiffs successfully completed their government contract (unlike Solyndra, Abound, Fisker, etc.). Plaintiffs were awarded many seminal patents on the technology.



In 2008 Congress and the Energy Department asked Plaintiffs to build the technology into cars and offered Plaintiffs billions of dollars in funding from a specially created $25B Congressional fund, in phases, for Plaintiffs car factory. Plaintiffs car company had the highest demand, in written orders, of any alternative fuel car company in America at the time. Plaintiffs were in Popular Science, on NPR, on the top news shows, in Popular Mechanics and rated best new technology. Plaintiffs all invested their life savings to help the project based on assurances from Senators and Energy Department staff that everything was moving ahead. No private funding sources including banks, funds, venture capitalists, or private investors are “allowed” to invest in pre-volume commercialized energy technologies because of existing Cartel, Anti-Trust, Market Control and investment policies. This makes government funding the only possible source of finance for such disruptive technologies. In fact the NVCA and Silicon Valley Cartel has run afoul of ethics laws, on hundreds of occasions, for market rigging and “king-maker” rigging as testified by Daryl Siry, who left as head of Tesla Motors marketing.



Plaintiffs never got to get to the next commercialization phase…



A Silicon Valley Cartel formed by tech oligarchs John Doerr, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Steve Westly and Vinod Khosla (notorious for the “AngelGate” and “Silicon Valley No Poaching Lawsuit” collusion and anti-trust violation scandals) had set up a scheme with themselves as the primary financiers, internet information manipulators and quid-pro-quo beneficiaries of Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. The trillions of dollars of kick-back deals with the Obama White House for Defendants products turned out to be for products that Plaintiffs products happened to obsolete.



Plaintiffs were invited into this scheme and refused to participate with the corruption.



Two bad things were happening at once:

1.) Plaintiffs witnessed felony RICO crimes, bribery of public officials and fraud in the federal funding programs and Plaintiffs Team was asked to testify about this. Hit jobs were placed on Plaintiffs (operated by Univision, Gizmodo, Gawker, Jalopnik, Unimoda and their partners at Google/Alphabet ) because Plaintiffs testified.


2.) The Silicon Valley Cartel, especially Tesla, (The staff of Tesla, including the actual founders of Tesla, have stated that Cartel boss Elon Musk, personally ordered hit jobs on Plaintiffs because Plaintiffs car company obsoleted Tesla cars on every metric, cost 80% less, went 50%+ further and were 100% safer) owned the competing lithium batteries and realized that solid state fuel cells would make their companies obsolete. The Cartel, including White House Staff, also placed hit jobs on Plaintiffs (operated by Univision, Gizmodo, Gawker, Jalopnik, Unimoda and their partners at Google/Alphabet).



The Parties that hired Univision, Gizmodo, Gawker, Jalopnik, Unimoda and their partners at Google/Alphabet to engage in the hit jobs against Plaintiffs, as of today, made over $80 billion dollars in profit from the clones of Plaintiffs companies. Defendants made over $80B by circumventing Plaintiffs federal and client funds and putting those funds in Defendants private accounts. Thus, the quantified damages are very large amounts.



The hit jobs were meant to freeze Plaintiffs momentum and punish Plaintiffs for cooperating with federal investigators. Attacks included black-listing, hacking, the production of defamation articles and movies by Univision, Gizmodo, Gawker, Jalopnik, Unimoda and their partners at Google/Alphabet that were distributed to 7.5 Billion people for over half a decade. Over time One Plaintiff individual was accidentally, or intentionally, exposed to chemical and radioactive toxic materials including micro-particulated heavy metals and cellular-lethal materials. The toxic exposure is suspected to have been part of the retribution campaign. Defendants technically locked the attacks on the internet using their Google-based server network. Plaintiffs have forensic proof of that fact provided by federal and university research centers. Plaintiffs have a large number of causes of action and the time bar/Statute of limitations has not run out. Government funds were used to operate these hit jobs against American citizens and American small business who used the funds that were circumvented from applicants to hire off-shore H1-B workers to displace American job opportunities.



Multiple massive and history-making lawsuits against the Dept. of Energy were filed and all legal costs for Plaintiffs have been paid directly by community service groups. The main lawsuit has lasted years and is expected to last another year or more. Plaintiffs have won history-making court rulings and precedents in the course of the lawsuit but no money. Plaintiffs need fair legal pro-bono representation for the filing and prosecution of additional lawsuits against all of the attackers in the Defendant Group.



In 2017 hacks, whistle-blowers, other cases and federal investigations exposed the true nature of Defendants relationships, schemes and attacks against Plaintiffs. The attacks continue to this day. Plaintiffs now have enough evidence, merits, facts and support to file and win damages in jury trial lawsuits against Defendants. Many other Plaintiffs have now won over $145M each against the Defendants and the average whistle-blower award for others in this matter has been $5M.



Some Plaintiffs are now permanently disabled and disadvantaged with massive and accelerating damages caused by Defendants. Plaintiffs, at the request of their nation, invested in, and provided decades of work in service to their country. As a reprisal effort, Defendants engaged in malicious contracted attacks by Univision, Gizmodo, Gawker, Jalopnik, Unimoda and their partners at Google/Alphabet. The actions of Defendants were a malicious coordinated attack which Defendants accepted compensation for the undertaking of. “



Plaintiffs are the first entity to have the U.S. Federal Courts publicly issue a ruling that officially acknowledges that Plaintiffs were attacked by corrupt government officials. Plaintiffs deliver regular reports to the FBI, GAO, Congress and all related regulators and agencies but Plaintiffs have yet to receive a single dime of informant fees, whistle-blower rewards, tips rewards, compensation, back-owed payments and expenses reimburse, owed benefits or any restitution for Plaintiffs damages. This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with crimes against the public.



The losses to the public far exceed simple spreadsheet calculations. How do you value the loss of American innovation?



We urge this committee to:


1. Contact all of the hundreds of damaged, stone-walled, application process manipulated applicants and offer them restitution.



2. Order the FTC and SEC to provide massive fines for Cartel operations and private financing groups who engage in collusion, reprisal, vendetta and monopoly lobbying and market control against small business domestic innovators and inventors.



3. Order the FBI to “officially” conduct an investigation into this matter.



4. Order the Department of Energy to publish public records of all funding applications, approval and denial determinations, persons and allegiances involved in those processes and a public posting of the COMPARATIVE merits comparing ALL applicants per phase and showing the public clear reasons why one applicant won over any other applicant.





Thank you for your consideration and assistance.





The Department of Energy Applicants Coalition


601 Van Ness Ave, MS. E3613


San Francisco, CA 94102








Draft 2.3


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