French Scientists Say Earth Could End Within A Year.

French Scientists Say Earth Could End Within A Year.



Scientists are pointing to the exposure of numerous faked “official” climate and space science reports to prove that planet-ending disasters may be less than a year away. In the USA, multiple official government science reports have been found to have been faked in order to steer cash to friends of politicians. “Official reports” once said that we had nothing to fear from weed-killer “Round-Up” but now we see that Round-up is a deadly poison. “Official reports” said that we have nothing to fear from meteors and asteroids yet an increasing number of space rocks are hitting the Earth and catching NASA totally off-guard. “Official reports” once said that the radiation at Chernobyl and Fukushima were “no big deal”. We now know that they are slowly killing the entire planet. “Official reports” say that the increasing solar eruptions and radiation blasts from the Sun are “nothing to worry about” but an increasing number of scientists believe that facts are being covered up and that either a solar blast or a “surprise asteroid” will destroy the Earth within a year.





End of world warning: Violent solar flares …


Apocalypse NOW: Killer solar superstorm could destroy Earth at ANY MOMENT, scientists warn VIOLENT solar superstorms could destroy life as we know it at …


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Here’s how the world could end—and what we can do about it …


A mere 19 hours later, the solar buckshot blazed past the spot where Earth had been just days before. If it had hit us, scientists say, we might …


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20 Ways the World Could End | 20 Ways the World Could End. Are we …. He says he worries more about threats that scientists are more certain of—such as rogue black holes.


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7 Most Famous Theories On How The World Will End : SCIENCE …


Here are some that could possibly end life on Earth as we know it. … which scientists say can possibly happen, it could spread faster, infecting …


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