How we pierced the corporate veil, alter ego and “judgment proofing” of every executive, VC and boss at Google


How we pierced the corporate veil, alter ego and “judgment proofing” of every executive, VC and boss at Google


By Sanderson Investigations


For a major anti-corruption lawsuit effort we had to find the hidden money that corrupt billionaires had spent billions of dollars to hide. How hard was it to peel the skins off of Google’s onion? Thanks to modern law enforcement and intelligence technology, it was not hard at all.


The fluency and practice of piercing the corporate veil & alter ego liability shields of political manipulation bosses such as George Soros, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Elon Musk and their colleagues, has become increasingly important in recent years due to changes in the law and business cycles.


As more small clients need to collect on debts and judgments, it is increasingly critical for practitioners to be fluent with the cutting-edge techniques and best tools to pierce & dissolve the corporate veil, as well as determine alter ego liability. The growing number of bankruptcies, foreclosures, and judgments has dramatically increased the need for forensic experts proficient in the science of effective judgment enforcement and asset recovery against the Silicon Mafia collection of corrupt California tech companies. It is critical for attorneys to understand the best strategies to suck dry the corporate assets in judgments for creditors. In our videos we detail the piercing of the Google corporate veil, navigating complex determinations on corporate liability, strategies involving legal alter ego, and breaking open both corporate & personal liability. We use tools that not only include, but exceed, the capabilities of XKEYSCORE, Palantir, Taleo, Bitcoin Trace, PayPal Trace, VISA Trace, D&B Insider, Gust-Scan, and hundreds of other executive asset tracking and intelligence engines.


Top Areas Covered:


  • Veil Protection Strategies and How to Bust Them

  • Liabilities for the Obligations of the Entity That Wilson Sonsini Created For Google & Tesla and How We Busted Through Them In Less Than 24 Hours

  • Best Practices in Litigating the Veil Piercing Case in a Gawker Media-Like Laundering Operation

  • Snagging Veil Piercing Problems & Fraudulent Conveyances With Sting Operations

  • What Creditor’s & Debtor’s Counsel Needs to Know About How Dire Their Situations Are In the 2017 Information Age

  • Forming Corporate Entities to Diminish Liability But Having Them Used Against You As Evidence

  • Understanding the Alter Ego of Insane Silicon Valley Billionaires

  • Cutting-edge Issues involving Reverse Veil Piercing and How To Do It

  • Developments in Veil Protection Penetration Using Help From the FBI

  • When is the Corporation Liable? NEVER with our resources!

  • Connecting the Separate “Personalities” of the Corporation & Shareholders

  • Legal Issues with Shareholders, Plaintiffs & Creditors

  • Procedural Alternatives: Getting the targets to legally surveillance themselves

  • Interactive Question & Answer Session



From the underlying substantive law to practical aspects of asset protection planning (i.e., what works and what does not), this program will teach you everything you need to know about dissolving corporate and executive asset protection like butter on a frying pan. From Gawker to Enron and from Solyndra to Nigerian War Lords, From Steven Chu and Eric Holder to Brian Goncher and Steve Jurvetson; you are now only a few mouse clicks away from the deepest family trust fund hide-aways and the darkest sexual services transactional relationship disclosure. You will see how we uncover assets from tort plaintiffs, lenders, government entities and other creditors, hidden in thousands of corporations, partnerships, LLCs and offshore entities. Our distinguished CIA-FBI-NSA-Class staff will cover specific approaches and solutions, including the most effective tactics, best practices, and the cutting-edge strategies to peel an Eric Schmidt or a John Doerr open like a Taco.


You’ll learn various ways, from the very simply to the very sophisticated, to expose specific assets common to all clients: houses, bank and brokerage accounts, private islands, billionaire bunkers, hookers with billionaires homes in their names, rent-boy services, rental real estate, businesses and professional practices and retirement plans. Course materials will serve as a treatise on asset protection uncovering as well as an exhaustive reference source for many of your investigative needs and will outline and diagram the discussed planning techniques and structures. The nationally recognized instructors will share many real life case histories and anecdotes that will readily illustrate the effectiveness of various structures. Register today to learn the most effective strategies and latest law in destroying all corrupt asset protection for the titans of technology.


Additional Areas Covered:


  • Practical Goals and Limitations of Asset Protection – Google bosses were never as safe as their consultanrs told them they were

  • Picking the Right Structure to Trick an Oligarch Into Incriminating himself

  • Understanding Fraudulent Transfers and How To Get Their Relatives To Disclose Them

  • Effectively Planning for Possible Challenges From Their Corrupt CPA’s

  • Practical Implications for Planning

  • Corporations v. LLC’s & LP’s

  • Busting Multi-Entity Structures For The Fake Steathing of Business Assets

  • Dealing with Successor Liability; Get The Money From The Next Guy

  • Using Check the Box Election As Incrimination Evidence

  • Charging Order Protection and Tearing It Apart

  • Best Practices on Picking the Right Jurisdiction

  • Single Member LLCs, Poison Pills and Criminal Back-Dating

  • Interactive Question & Answer Session




For you copy of the video contact Sanderson Investigations and an account representative can discuss a customized plan for you.”


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