GOOGLE’S POLICY DIRECTOR: “..we will say one thing, but do ANYTHING that destroys Trump & The GOP!”

GOOGLE’S POLICY DIRECTOR: “..we will say one thing, but do ANYTHING 

that destroys Trump & The GOP!”




By Susan Port – Los Angeles OBC – Opinion Page



She is a heavy-set woman with close cropped hair and a severe gleam in her eye. When she speaks, she talks for Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen, Larry Page and the venture capitalists of Kleiner Perkins, Google’s guiding light in political arenas.



She is Google’s Policy Director and she storms around California like a hurricane of political hell.



Previously she worked for San Francisco’s Democratic millionaire campaign manipulators.



She is one of the creators of the pink “pussyhat” and her staff organized the factories to knit those hats.



There is no doubt about the fact that her job is to get as much state and federal taxpayer cash into Larry Page’s bank vault as she possibly can. Under the guise of Democratic Party Zeal, Google has stepped so far over the line of morality that no rational person could consider Google to be anything but the essence of evil.



Her ploy is always couched in a “we are just here to do God’s work” representation of Google as a kindly old uncle but Congressional and media investigations have shown that “kindly old uncle” to have his hand as far up his nieces skirt as possible. All PizzaGate references aside, Google is truly abusing the public in a manner so illicit that the audaciousness of Google’s raw corruption will live in the history books as a much darker version of Enron.



GOP leaders call her “Google’s Big Dike” and disdain her approach. In café conversations it is clear that she believes that she is right and all Conservatives are wrong. She believes this with all of her heart. Her passion is clear in every word she speaks. It is the same kind of passion one would think that Hitler expressed as he signed the death warrants to place millions of Jews in the ovens. These kinds of people believe, with every ounce of their brains, that what they must do is right. These are the ultimate “ends-justifies-the-means” sorts of people. History has shown us what happens when the misguided get their own SS squads, Kool Aid at Jim Jones parties and secret global server controls.







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