Trump Administration Promises To Expose Obama’s Use of Dept. of Energy as “Giant Criminal Slush-Fund”!

Donald Trump just drew a line in the proverbial sand. And President Barack Obama better simmer down very quickly, or face brutal consequences.


Trump officials made it clear late Thursday that if Obama continues to scorch America’s already-fragile foreign policy on his way out of the White House door, he will face sweeping federal probes when Trump assumes the presidency and control of the nation’s law enforcement apparatus.


True Pundit spoke with well-placed sources who have accepted new positions with the Trump administration. They agreed Trump and key members of his transition team are increasingly frustrated by the recent actions of Obama who just this week picked unwarranted international fights with Israel and Russia.


“At this rate the feeling is Obama will have to face consequences for what he is doing right now,” the Trump insider said. “We can take a very close look at him, (Valerie) Jarrett, (John) Kerry and his inner circle to see what they have really been doing, especially in the Middle East. And where the billions (of U.S. dollars) went.”


One source, a highly decorated intelligence official, said he has recommended investigating the details of Obama and Kerry’s nuclear agreement with Iran, including the millions in cash of ransom paid to release American hostages as well as untold billions paid to the Iranians “for no sound policy reasons.”


The Trump insider said such probes would include examining the personal finances of all U.S. officials involved in crafting the Iran deal, including searching for offshore bank accounts where illicit funds might be parked.


Trump believes perhaps U.S. officials personally benefited from the Iran deal, the insider said. He described Trump as perplexed why the deal was struck in the first place, and that the president elect thinks that illicit side deals were the motivation of Obama administration insiders to enter into such a lopsided and disastrous agreement with an unstable country.


Perhaps another good angle would be unsealing all of Obama’s personal records and see how his well-crafted narrative as the next John F. Kennedy quickly unravels.



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