Ivanka Trump out-Trolls even The Donald With Masterful JetBlue Incident

Ivanka Trump out-Trolls even The Donald With Masterful JetBlue Incident



How better to make the point that the Trump Presidency is not going to take advantage of things than to have billionaire boss gal Ivanka Trump NOT flying on the private jet, but, rather on cheap old JetBlue jets for regular folks?


Michelle Obama was notorious for using government jets for private shopping trips but the Trumps seem to have a different tactic.


Ivanka snugged up her comfy pants and drudged onto a “normal people jet”. The regular folks incident was highlighted by the outrage of an Anti-Trump passenger at discovering that the Trumps might be like normal folks.


Trolled, Trolled and Triple Trolled!


The press coverage and web impressions turned fully in Ivanka’s favor after the media settle-in!


Pro-Trump Trolls Target Dan Goldstein After ‘Infamous’ JetBlue Face …


A troll storm is brewing to antagonize a man who confronter Ivanka Trump … quickly on pro-Donald Trump Reddit threads and on Facebook and Twitter. … But the same user also pointed out that Trump herself is Jewish and …




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