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Aug. 12, 2016


Dear Matt and WordPress Users and Staff:



The Alliance Of Independent Newspapers and Publishers (The Alliance) was formed in 2002 and has had a decade long working relationship with WordPress. We have helped thousands of newspapers start thousands of online news sites. We have brought some of the largest volumes of users and readers to WordPress. Among other things, the publishers, writers and blogger contributors are highly dedicated to the bi-partisan termination of corruption. The Alliance has put both corrupt DNC and GOP individuals in prison, and terminated their government jobs and corrupt organizations. Our work has launched FBI raids, epic and successful public interest law-suits, the disclosure of felony-class abuse of power, and other large format law enforcement activities. We report to senior agents at the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies.



On August 12, 2016 WordPress attacked us, our readers and public decency, overall. WordPress arbitrarily took down thousands of our members public news sites on orders from DNC campaign financiers who fear the loss of their control of their own manipulated media. In a jury trial, We will show emails, documents and provide WordPress staff to prove this. WordPress violated our paid contracts with WordPress, SLAPP Laws, Freedom of the Press rights, Fair Use Doctrine, Creative Commons standards and engaged in fraud, RICO violations, interference and many abuses of the public trust. Additionally, in an ongoing federal criminal investigation involving hundreds of billions of dollars of the embezzlement of taxpayer dollars, many of those sites were being used for the ongoing reports to federal law enforcement including the FBI, GAO, FTC, SEC, EU, OSC, IG and other agencies; thus you are interfering with a criminal investigation.



The take-downs are so voluminous, arbitrary and timed that this targeted attack and massive censorship intent, by WordPress, is obvious from the facts. Our publishers were too good at their jobs and they exposed criminal activities which WordPress sought to cover up. No court or public opinion poll on Earth will tolerate that. Law enforcement, consumer rights groups and our own investigators will NEVER tolerate that. The Alliance has terminated multi-billion dollar corrupt companies, dirty AG’s, racketeers, hubris-ridden illicit tech moguls and illegal business Cartels. We are pretty certain you will not survive the wrath of thousands of attacked reporters who are very creative, some intelligence-agency trained and dedicated to terminating the abuse of the public without breaking a single law and with the help of law enforcement. Our law suits have set national legal precedents.


You made up arbitrary, nonsense reasons about your concurrent take-downs of thousands of newspapers. There was no “spam” on any of the sites, if there was, show us the link and a screen-shot with the “spam” circled. There was no content created with the primary purpose of mass solicitation or increasing traffic of third-party sites. The only promotions on the sites were the promotion of WordPress and WordPress’s own ads to its third party sites placed there by WordPress. There was no unwanted promotional content or content written for gaming search engines. There was only news which WordPress campaign financiers wanted hushed-up. Many of the sites used WordPress’s own multi-site publishing tool which WordPress promotes for multi-site authoring.



WordPress gets tax benefits, public access perks, tax shelters, and other financial benefits because it holds itself out as a public interest community service. When the “public interest service” suddenly turns into a mercenary censor of the news on behalf of crooked covert financial backers, it loses all of it’s rights and credibility. We are all volunteers, you have deep pocket tech billionaires pulling the strings in this incident. Who wins on the karma points there? WordPress can suffer the same disclosures that Gawker Media and Enron did, and also disappear, or it can take responsibility for its actions and correct this today before the books, investigative reports, videos, subpeonas, leak docs and other fun items get torrent-ed across the planet. A lawsuit will be the least of your problems. Turn the sites back on, Today!



Thanks Matt-




The Alliance

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