Atlanta Professor claims SJW movement was created by Hillary Clinton campaign staff

Atlanta Professor claims SJW movement was created by Hillary Clinton campaign staff



By Deanne Lunst



In internet blog parlance “SJW” stand for Social Justice Warriors. It is a denigrating term meant to refer to obese woman who often identify as lesbian or bi, have tattoos and nose piercings and were formally known as “violent feminists”. They are disdained by one group of writers on Reddit, Voat, Facebook and other screed-sites.



Professor Anders claims to have first hand knowledge that the whole “SJW movement” was created by a Clinton campaign manager in order to use the “Streisand Effect” to drive more women to support the Clinton Campaign. The concept lies in the theory that the out-raged women will flock to Hillary because she is the female identifier in the election.



In fact, the whole SJW concept did emerge at the same time as Clinton’s web campaign effort began.



Does Clinton use dirty tricks? Another recent disclosure claims that the Clinton campaign flooded Bernie Sanders Facebook page with child porn and spent millions of dollars to post meat puppet comments on Reddit.



Could a Clinton trick to make over-weight woman believe that Republican’s are attacking them on the internet lead to victory for Hillary? A large population of American woman are obese, so the numbers could work out.



How might this tactic fail?



If overweight women realize Clinton is exploiting them, the whole SJW think could back-fire in a big way. If Huma and Hillary are not actually secret lovers, as the GOP implies, then the lesbian side of the SJW profile losses some clout.



How will this pan out? Who created the SJW’s? Stay tuned to REDDIT for the reveal.


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