We Witnessed A Trillion Dollar Crime That Nobody Is Doing Anything About

We Witnessed A Trillion Dollar Crime That Nobody Is Doing Anything About



By Anonymous



You witnessed this crime too, in pieces. Reporters have been telling you about it for years. From the wild voices of Jesse Ventura, Micheal Savage, Infowars and the rest of the edgy news-ploitation crowd, to the sedate investigations of 60 Minutes, The Guardian and the Washington Post, to the sudden explosive leaks of the Panama Papers, The Swiss Leaks and more. You know this crime and you know all of the players.



The amount of money embezzled exceeds a Trillion dollars, but let’s just call it a Trillion because that is a good round number, easily quantified.



Here is the over-view: Silicon Valley billionaires decided to buy the White House by funding the Obama, Reid and Feinstein political campaigns in exchange for government contracts and monopolistic exclusives. They got what they bargained for. The billionaires are Eric Schmidt and Larry Page of Google, a few executives at Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, John Doerr and his Kleiner Perkins company, Steve Jurvetson, Larry Summers, Vinod Khosla, Steve Westley and some other Silicon Valley frat boys. They put their friend Eric Holder in charge of the Justice Department, to run cover-ups. They put their friend Steven Chu in charge of the Department of Energy, to hand them the cash and attack any competitors that popped up.



To date, the American taxpayers have lost over six Trillion dollars because of this scam, but, who’s counting? Apparently, nobody. The federal law enforcement agencies, that are supposed to arrest these people, have been told not to arrest these people.



You have watched all of their pieces of the scam crumble. This handful of bad-guy billionaires were all the very same owners of the failed Ener1, Sun Edison, Solyndra, Abound, Abongoa, Tesla Motors, Fisker, Ivanpah, and over 40 others. They are all the same people, the same lobbyists, the same bank accounts, the same friends, the same political funds, the same everything!



So here is the thing, we and many others reported this to the top law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe. Everybody, and we mean everybody, knows about this crime. The cops know, the bad guys know that the cops know, we know, the reporters know. Everybody knows.



The problem is that the White House has ordered a cover up of this because the White House’s own senior staff including Rahm Emanual, Robert Gibbs, David Plouffe, Jay Carney, Steven Rattner and others, while sitting in the West Wing, put this whole scam together because they wanted to win an election by hook or by crook. Because Google was one of the backers, and offered the unique service of internet perception rigging to help rig elections, the “by crook” option was chosen by these insiders.



The attraction of the crime was not “getting green energy companies funded through Congressional coercion” as some press often state. That was only a side-effect. The real focus of the crime was stock market manipulation, from which the crooks skimmed over a Trillion dollars in illegal profits at the expense of the public. They did this by acquiring stocks that they then used their anti-trust violation tricks to “pump-and-skim” with manipulated valuations they created with the free federal cash. This is a felony.



The White House, the DNC and the Silicon Valley billionaires have spent nearly a billion dollars to keep this covered up, hidden and non-prosecuted.



This is not about politics. Most of us, that witnessed these crimes, do not give a flying frog about DNC’s or GOP’s. We care that we got crimes done to us as Americans and as unprotected companies who these crooks decided to run rough-shod over.



The problem comes in the form of karma and math.



You can’t run a scam for an extended period of time when half of the people you are scamming, are your enemies. The Republicans, the press, the voters and the half of the law enforcement agencies that actually did join up to fight crime, decided they can no longer sit in idleness. On top of that, the natural state of organized crime is that a criminal organization always eventually eats itself. Leaks turn into tsunamis. Whistle-blowers testify. Hookers sell their stories. The victims raise hell. A witness trades immunity for information and the whole thing falls apart.



Things, for the bad guys, are now falling apart…


Clean energy poster child SunEdison files for bankruptcy


by Matt Egan   @mattmegan5 For CNN


SunEdison, once a poster child of the clean energy boom, filed for bankruptcy on Thursday due to a severe cash crunch.


It’s a stunning reversal for SunEdison (SUNE), a solar and wind company that was worth almost $10 billion less than a year ago. But the company was hit by financial troubles in recent months caused by a mountain of debt taken on during better times.


SunEdison hopes to clean up its balance sheet through a Chapter 11 restructuring. The solar company secured $300 million in financing to keep the business afloat. The new funds will allow SunEdison to continue ongoing projects, pay wages and benefits.


The decision to file for bankruptcy was a “difficult but important step to address our immediate liquidity issues,” SunEdison CEO Ahmad Chatila said in a statement.


As recently as last July, SunEdison was still flying high, with its shares trading above $33. They began to collapse soon after and are today worth just 34 cents. Trading was halted Thursday minutes before the bankruptcy filing.


Companies in the solar industry have been hurt by the depressed price of fossil fuels like oil and natural gas, which make renewable energy more expensive by comparison. The Guggenheim Solar ETF (TAN) has lost 50% of its value over the past year.


Rumors had been swirling in recent weeks that SunEdison could be headed for a trip to bankruptcy court. The company enjoyed rapid growth, in part thanks to aggressive use of debt and creative ways to obtain financing. SunEdison had piled up nearly $10 billion in debt as of the end of 2015.


SunEdison has been an aggressive user of “yieldcos,” companies created to own and operate power plants. These entities buy power plants from their parent companies, providing fresh money that can then be plowed into new projects.


SunEdison’s publicly-traded yieldcos, TerraForm Power (TERP) and TerraForm Global (GLBL), are not part of the bankruptcy filing. However, shares of each have plunged this year.



There is also controversy surrounding SunEdison management. The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating whether SunEdison management misled the public over the company’s dire financial straits, the Wall Street Journal reported.


The SEC declined to comment, while the DOJ said as a matter of policy it neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation. Representatives from SunEdison did not respond to CNNMoney’s request for comment.


Earlier this month SunEdison’s independent directors concluded management had an “overly optimistic culture” caused in part by a lack of sufficient controls around forecasting efforts and wrongdoing by former non-executive who was fired.


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