Elon Musk’s Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity uncovered as being sponsored and covertly backed by The White House

By Eddie Samsun and Cheryl Weisman – DC Insider Digital




The “White House” is a big white building sitting in the middle of a field in Washington DC. It is full of offices and a few bedrooms. It is filled by bureaucrats who feel that they must grab as much money as they can, within any given four year period, before they get booted out.



The ones that steal money don’t usually just grab the cash and put it in their pockets. They rely on “deferred payola” for their upside.



Deferred payola means that they believe that if they do their dirty deeds today they will get paid later on with lucrative jobs in the companies they did they dirty deeds for and stock in those companies and real estate financed by those companies.



The hookers, dinners, golf trips, Super Bowl tickets, Beyonce concert comps and discount car financing that they get today is only a tiny, tiny portion of what they will get tomorrow on the DP basis (Deferred Payola).



To make the statement that the White House covertly runs some of it’s campaign buddies tech companies may be a bold statement. You might think that reporters are confident enough to proclaim such a thing based on some resounding leaked documents from the recent tsunami of leaked documents, ie: the Panama Papers and such. While the leaks do confirm the claim, it turns out that the clumsy greed and hubris of those who engaged in the corruption provides the biggest evidence.



Public records are now the smoking gun.



Over time, more and more records naturally become public, outside of the prodigious efforts of the Chinese hackers. Now, enough public documents have emerged to tie the characters in the crime into one another.



The following facts will hold up before a Special Prosecutor, a Grand Jury or any public inquiry:




– Elon Musk had special metrics engaged in by the Fed at points when his assets would have otherwise crashed. The Fed reports to the White House. Elon Musk is the only person, during the Obama Administration, that this was done for. The Fed records and analyst reports prove this.


– Elon Musk is the only person in history to receive over $10 billion taxpayer dollars from entities who report directly to the White House. The GAO, SEC, FTC and Treasury records prove this.


– Elon Musk received the only off-shore mining contract direct benefits, on an exclusive and monopolistic basis, over all of his competitors. Only the White House was capable of arranging this


– Google controls White House policy and funds the Obama Administration. The only two entities to ever get exclusively “profile pumped” over a 5 year period, using Google’s search engine rigging technology are Barack Obama and Elon Musk. The tracked web metrics prove this.


– Elon Musk has had magnitudes more failures, lawsuits, fraud charges, product defects, fires, explosions, deaths and other disasters, at his companies without going out of business. Each single one of these disasters has killed other, larger companies. The cover-up, offsets and media hype that was used to hide and obfuscate each of these crisis could only have come from a source as resourced as The White House


– In a very emotional political contest, candidate Mitt Romney stated that all of Obama’s Department of Energy programs were “failures”. Indeed, most of those projects have failed. The “official” failure of Tesla according to White House staff, including Jofi Jospeh, “would have so embarrassed Obama tat he would have unable to continue in office.”


– Tesla’s are generally only purchased by wealthy 1% Democrat campaign financiers as Tesla’s own ownership marketing documents reveal




There are hundreds of other facts that prove the illicit connection. You the reader, must ask Mr. Musk, The White House and the FBI if this is all true.




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