BMW and Daimler abandon Apple Car project due to Apple’s “arrogant frat-boy attitude”

BMW and Daimler abandon Apple Car project due to Apple’s “arrogant frat-boy attitude”


The swaggering hubris-ridden penis-game in Silicon Valley has blown up on it’s road to create boy toys for the nearly all-male Apple executives. Nothing says “mine is bigger than yours” like starting a car company with your windfall billions. Apple was no exception. It is almost a law that billionaires must start rocket companies and car companies in order to offset their masculinity issues. With the huge number of departures from Apple’s car project, coupled with major companies not wanting to play weenie wagging games with Tim Cook, the Apple car seems to be sliding into history.


Posted by Devin Coldewey



If Apple really is working on a car, it won’t be the Ultimate Driving Machine™. BMW and Daimler have discontinued talks with Apple over a potential automotive collaboration, Handelsblatt reports.


Things fell apart (last year for BMW, more recently with Daimler) over questions of leadership and ownership, the German newspaper’s source said — and given what we know about Apple, that seems like a perfectly likely sticking point. The idea of integrating the car closely with Apple services rather than their own may have rattled the car makers; of course, automotive brands are among the most powerfully guarded and promoted in the world.


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Rumors swirled about a year ago around the idea of an Apple Car, and recent hires have been more than suggestive. But no one seems to agree on whether it’s an actual car, a collaboration with auto makers or something more subtle, like a carOS to be integrated with existing systems. One thing everyone is sure of, though: with hundreds of employees working on the project, whatever it is, it isn’t just a hobby.


So who’s left for Apple to work with? The latest rumors point to Magna, a Canadian-Austrian specialty electric vehicle maker that works with multiple badges to produce limited editions and one-offs. With top-shelf cred, less brand jealousy and probably less-demanding terms, Magna sounds like a good match for a well-heeled dilettante like Apple.




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